Kura Ltd, a Turkish representation, distribution and trading company and marketing, and representations of API’s, packaging and machineries with relating equipment in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries.
A culture of precision at the service of quality excellence
Quality excellence has been one of the foundations of our success and continues to be a major drive in our business:
• Unfaltering attention to detail and total quality will differentiate Kura ltd in its field of operation. Our quality system is rigorously maintained ensuring peace of mind to the customer. The focus is providing highest quality products with a backup service to deliver a market-leading package.
• Continuously improvement of the representations and customer service through the use of high quality systems and quality improvement techniques.
• Good manufacturing practice and HACCP will form the backbone of the approach to quality.
• Operating our business in a safe and environment friendly manner and at all times in respect of the natural resources at our disposal.
• On February 9th 1954, the foundations of the present Kura were laid, initially focusing on the procurement process of technology transfer and API’s.
• At that time Moris Romano, the founder of Kura, played a crucial role in the development of the Turkish pharmaceutical sector.
According to the needs, our machinery division sprang to life in1965 followed by our packaging and packing division in 1967.
Innovative thinking and experience has kept us at pace with the needs of the continuously growing market, adding to our range of services project management, an after sales team and in house technical assistance. In the year 2008 our expertise in Total Vision Inspection systems brought us to the security and traffic technology world.
Our dedicated business development team is continuously seeking the next opportunity and new ventures with an ambitious to extend our territory to neighboring countries of Turkey. Kura is successfully in progress now in countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.



is ahead of the times:
During these past 60 years, Kura ltd has been confirming its ability to hit the mark by building strategic alliances with Top leading producers. Our mission has evolved and transformed according to the new needs and expectations of our customers.

Being a small but vibrant and dynamic company we are driven by an ambition to deliver excellent results. Differentiation, Innovation and Excellence is our mission. Our fresh thinking, best practice and overall experience allows us to deliver a service that is flexible and fast to execute, differentiating with superior quality. Our team is continuously seeking the next opportunity and new ventures.