from “Videosurveillance” to “Automatic Security Systems” from “Centralized Server Security Application” to “Scalable Cloud Security Platform”

Specialized in the realization of advanced products and systems for the security and traffic industry. The most innovative and winning technologies are used for the realization of effective and competitive solutions.

The business products are developed with concepts of distributed intelligence, ensuring each one a specific security function. It follows the possibility of creating distributed and scalable security architectures, which can be easily integrated in control logics from remote, or in web technology, even arriving to propose, only ones in the world, security architectures in Cloud Computing technology.

The product range, the effectiveness and the reliability of the performances, the modes of communication and management of the field allow to face unsolved problems with the normal security technologies, giving the customers the possibility of thinking and realizing new scenarios and new services.

The distributed intelligence, the complete control from remote via web, the Cloud Computing, they change the paradigms of security proposal, they upset the limits and the perspectives, producing immediate chances and simple, economic and effective solutions.

Install in your integrated system the new technologies with
distributed inteligence also in Cloud environment.
Integrated security platforms and intelligent security systems.
• Intelligent cameras, Cloud Ready Video and surveillance products.
• Cloud bridge & DVR with built-in Analytics and Cloud Bridging ofAnalog/IP video and other security systems
• Smart IP ANPR Cameras with license plate recognition systems, cloud computing ready.
• Face Analysis; Face recognition systems such as Biometric Face Identification/ Profiling and Masked Face Detection.

Who manages territories often needs to make important decisions about traffic infrastructure and viabilities services; To do this, in order to choose the best way you need to have, as soon as possible, reliable informations.

Some examples of Vigilate products:
  • Vehicle flow counting and control.
• Vehicles types statistics with traffic classification.
• Control of traffic distribution by origin / destination matrix
• Dwell - Time vehicle analysis
• Travel time analysis
Vigilate devices can be used individually, as intelligent self-consistent systems, in a system dedicated to responding the one specific requirement such as, for example, the simple automatic opening of one gate when the plate of an authorized vehicle is read. The product in this modality is used as an “intelligent sensor”, capable of managing the automation of a gateway by itself.  

With the configuration software installed on the board, any interfacing feature can be set with a browser. No external software platforms are required.  

A complete suite of software to manage and supervise all your system and devices:  
• Xscanner
• Analytics
• Configurator
• Diagnostics
• Explorer
• Simulator
The safety of urban and extra-urban territories is one of the priority needs of our times. The prevention of dangerous behaviors, the ability to react in crisis situations and the possibility of making effective investigations downstream of significant events, entail a constant challenge that requires increasingly sophisticated and automatic tools. Supervised products are characterized by the quality and reliability of video analysis, the possibility of integration with third-party systems and the large number of functions and data produced. Vigilate also offers a platform where it is possible to organize and manage in a simple way all the aspects of modern security systems, from alarms, to data, from views to event management, all accessible via web anywhere and simultaneously by multiple operators in the central and on the field.

Some examples of Vigilate Security Systems:
• Municipal CCTV
• Parks
• Public buildings
• Ecological islands