Project management

At Kura Ltd, we understand that effective project management is critical for the success of any business in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and food industries.

Our Technical department is dedicated in providing project management to help our partners create customized solutions that are designed to meet the customer’s needs.

Our approach to project management is based on active participation and support from our technical team. We act as a link between our clients and their suppliers, ensuring that all parties are working together towards a common goal. This involves carefully monitoring the progress of the project and providing support throughout the entire process, from the design phase to SAT acceptance.

The team is composed by specialized engineers with years of experience in project management. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and objectives and then those needs. We leverage our expertise and resources to manage the project timeline, budget, and scope, and ensure that all milestones are met on time and within budget.

project management

One of the advantages of working with Kura is our dedication to ensure that all our partners are fully satisfied with the project outcomes. We carefully verify that the projects are meeting the requirements of all parties involved, from suppliers to customers, and provide support to address any issues or concerns that may arise. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional project management services that help our partners achieve their business goals and providing regular updates and reporting to keep our partners informed of the project’s progress and status.

In summary, at Kura Ltd, we participate actively, thanks to the expertise of our technical team, in the link between supplier and customer on the project management. We are punctually following up the projects and supporting both our customers and principles starting by design phase until SAT acceptance in order to verify that the project is fully meeting the requirements for all stakeholders. 


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